Choose the RIGHT person for the job

Make sure that you choose the right person for your job. This Recruiting test provides feedback across 34 factors for job performance. The test highlights a person’s strengths and possible weaknesses – find out before you appoint the wrong person! Suitable for a wide range of jobs. This professionally developed low cost test can stop you making a big mistake.

This Recruiting Test Can Save You Making a BIG MISTAKE!

It is critical for business success to recruit the right person. A poor choice can do a lot of damage to a small or medium business, and it is very hard to get rid of a poor selection, and to recover.

Global recruiting giant Adecco estimated in 2003 that “bad hires” cost SME’s between $10,000 to $250,000 in replacement costs, depending upon the job.

Yet it quite difficult to be certain in advance that the people you choose are going to work out.

Now for the first time SME’s and low volume users can obtain a single and immediate low cost Recruiting Test. No contracts, no establishment fees, no annual licenses – just get a test right here and now as and when you want it.

The Apollo Recruiting Test is a professional test as used by numerous big organisations around the world– now available for small and medium business.

Quality psychometric tests like the Apollo Recruiting Test have higher predictive validity for workplace behaviour than merely interviews.

Many benefits for SME’s include:

  • Savings – DIY – Don’t pay big fees to test a job applicant
  • Professionally validated and reliable psychometric test – data available
  • Version 4 -Right up to date with today’s workforce
  • Reports on 34 factors that can be vital for job success
  • Ideal for small and medium organisations that do their own recruiting
  • You can be confident you appoint the right staff
  • Identifies unsuited applicants
  • Easily read reports
  • Colour coded Job Suitability scores – Green = Go! Red = Whoa!
  • No formal training needed – no need to be a psychologist or HR person
  • Easily understood – written in plain English
  • Like an insurance policy to ensure you don’t appoint an unsuited person
  • Eliminate square pegs in round holes
  • More objective – merit principle
  • Legally defensible, the test does not illegally discriminate
  • No set up fees – only pay when you use a test
  • Instant “on demand” availability – no contracts – use as and when you want to.
  • 4 separate classifications of employees to match applicants to your job – Managers/ Sales/Executives/General Workforce

True Internet online system – results available immediately – no emails or delays


“We have used the Apollo method a number of times and now use it on all new staff appointments. As a small but fast growing business, it is vital that the people that work with us fit in with our team, and are highly matched to the duties they have to perform.

Importantly, we think that the Apollo process has sometimes identified aspects of some job applicants that would have been of concern, and avoided appointing a wrong job fit.

The Apollo process has saved us time and money, has shortened the time taken to obtain new staff and given us confidence that the people we start are much more likely to do well with us.”

- Tony Brown, Director, Supertrac Business Divestments

How much? The very reasonable price for a single Apollo Recruiting Test and report is $95, with worthwhile discounts for multiple purchases. This is a very low cost way to ensure that the applicant you choose will succeed.


Single Apollo Profile $95
2 reports $180
3 reports $285
4 reports $380
5 reports $450 Unit price $90
10 reports $800 Unit price $80
20 Reports $1400 Unit price $70
50 reports $3000 Unit cost $60

If you would like to become one of the satisfied users of Apollo reports, simply click the link to get going. You will be asked for some basic details to set up your account, then to pay via credit card. As soon as the transaction is approved, you can go ahead, no waiting no delay! Click here to set up and proceed to payment.

Money back guarantee: We are confident that you will see the value of the Apollo Recruiting Test and report. We will refund your money if the report is not everything we say it is.

SPECIAL OFFER NOW: After you proceed, you will be able to download a free copy of the Apollo DIY Recruiting Handbook worth $20. This handbook provides numerous tips and techniques of an 8 step process to simplify recruiting for small business.

You will also receive a free Interpreter’s Guide, so that you and your staff get the maximum value from their reports.

Additional Bonus: Your Apollo account will be enabled to also use the Apollo Staff Development report. You can develop more productivity and key skills in employees. This will help your business retain good staff, and foster more loyalty and job commitment.

This means you can select either or both of the specialised reports for no extra fee. You can use your Apollo reports for BOTH staff development and recruiting. Click here to get underway

As this is a true Internet online system, staff reports are available as soon as they finish the questionnaire. No waiting or emails involved, you control the whole process.

We only need basic information from you, please click here to proceed to join the band of happy clients.

” I have used My Career Development Profile on three different occasions to help me keep on track of my career. It is very accurate and insightful, and has been vital in providing objective feedback, and in identifying my areas for improvement. It is also good to have my strengths recognised too, and has helped me get jobs, and perform better in both the managerial and sales roles I have held.” – Scott Cleary, State Manager – Valet Vacuum and Security Systems ”

Scott Cleary, State Manager
Valet Vacuum and Security Systems