Do any of these problems ring a bell?

Most small and medium size employers cannot justify full-time professionally qualified recruiting people, and have to use their own knowledge and processes to find and employ good staff.

  • Are you always confident that your recruits will be good at their job?
  • Do you think you spend too much time and money to recruit someone?
  • Have you ever been sorry that you put someone on the payroll?
  • Are you disappointed with recruitment agencies?
  • Do you feel you fully understand and practice a professional recruitment process?
  • Do recruitment agencies frequently send you inappropriate people?

Apollo Select is an Internet tool that helps you recruit the right people simpler, better, faster and cheaper.

  • 8 Simple Step system – eliminates much of the messy manual process
  • Speeds up the process
  • Savings – DIY – Don’t pay big fees to recruitment agencies
  • Assesses job applicants against your selection criteria
  • Includes Apollo Profile professional psychometric test
  • Ideal for any organisation that does their own recruiting
  • Enables all your recruitment team to use a common system
  • Set up your own library of job templates
  • No more square pegs in round holes
  • Legally defensible, does not illegally discriminate
  • FREE set up and User’s Guide

8 Simple Steps to Getting the Right Staff

  1. Determine and weight the selection criteria
  2. Advertise/source applicants
  3. Shortlist
  4. Profile best applicants
  5. Design questions for interview
  6. Interview
  7. Reference check
  8. Decide using the Apollo Select information

The Apollo Select DIY Recruiting system provides control and templates for all the steps. At the end, the Selection Criteria report shows you all the strengths and weaknesses of all applicants matched against your selection criteria, and a percentage score for each. (See Example here)

Testimonial extracts:

  • “As a small but fast growing business, it is vital that the people that work with us fit in with our team, and are highly matched to the duties they have to perform.”
  • “The Apollo Select system has kept track of the whole recruitment process, and made sure that we only proceed with people highly suited to our specific role and industry.”
  • “Importantly, we think that the Apollo Select process has sometimes identified aspects of some job applicants that would have been of concern, and avoided appointing a wrong job fit.”
  • “The Apollo Select process has saved us time and money, has shortened the time taken to obtain new staff and given us confidence that the people we start are much more likely to do well with us.”
  • “We like its easy to use system and flexibility to accommodate any selection criteria.”
  • “The Apollo Profile is much better than our current psychometric profile and more cost competitive.”
  • “Keen to use the Apollo Profile with existing staff for development purposes.”

Your Investment.

Good recruiting systems for large organisations cost tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars. They are hard to learn to use, and require special training. And the cost of only one recruitment through an agency or consultant will range from $2000 to well over $10,000

Cost of the Apollo Select system is only $2995, and includes:

  • Easy to follow User Guide
  • 10 FREE Apollo Profile psychometric tests
  • Free Apollo Profile Interpreter’s Guide
  • Free download “The Eight Fatal Flaws of Recruiting”

In other words, everything you need to get started right now.

Use Apollo Select time and time again for all your recruiting – it is an investment that will serve you well for future years to come!

“Recruiting the right people is vital to grow small business”

  • What you’re about to receive will ensure you never hire the wrong person again.
  • You can save huge money by doing your own hiring
  • How to avoid making eight deadly mistakes hiring new employees

“Get better results using Apollo Select DIY Recruiting System – OR we will happily refund your money – Guaranteed”

” Dear Jim

Re: Apollo Select

At Elite Design it is critical that we employ staff that have a work ethic and get on with other employees and with customers. We can usually verify a person’s technical competencies, and find that the Apollo Profile can provide us with insights that give us confidence that we are making the right decision. We use the Apollo Profile for both management and non-management positions. The Apollo Profile is a great recruitment aid, and we would not appoint a key person without using it. ”


Paul Hill
Managing Director
Elite Design Interiors