How you benefit from your own and individual Apollo Profile

It is vital to be able to put your best foot forward to get a job and to get ahead at work. Today’s workplace has high mobility, with most people having numerous employers and multiple job roles throughout their careers. Entry into the workforce, and numerous career transitions means that we must be continually assessing ourselves and gaining the knowledge, skills, motivations and attitudes to get a job, retain the job, and then to progress if wished. Getting a job or promotion is competitive.

The new employer/employee work contract means that careers have moved from being the responsibility of the employer to being the responsibility of the employee, and that career development includes personal development, and balancing work requirements with other life factors. Many job opportunities no longer offer the security of permanent full time work as more employers and workers choose consulting, contracting, part-time, temporary and outsourcing services.

Many people do have the appropriate skills and qualifications to do a job. So what is it that employers look for that determines who is successful? Employers usually have selection criteria, which apart from seeking appropriate skills, experience and knowledge, frequently specifies the type of person they are looking for, or personal qualities they seek that are relevant to effective job performance.

Factors such as leadership, getting on with others, time management, dealing with problems, being innovative, accepting responsibility, being ambitious, being conscientious, and being persuasive for example may be essential requirements for some positions. But not necessarily for all positions, so even though the job duties may be very similar, employers usually make appointments based on personal qualities such as attitudes and motivations as well as experience, qualifications and prior history.

Employers try to assess your various attitudes and qualities from your prior history and at interviews, but interviews can be misleading. Often sound candidates do not present as well as they could, whilst sometimes other people hit it off with the interviewers and get the job, despite the fact that they may not have really been the best applicant.

To try and provide a fairer process many professional recruiters use well designed and appropriate tests designed by organisation psychologists. Such tests provide objective data that enables fair comparison of one candidate with another against a common benchmark. It also ensures that people score in a certain range usually associated with the kind of behaviours and attitudes sought for a job role.

Most good tests have to be interpreted by an organisation psychologist or a professional person properly accredited in the test, and the reports usually use specialist language not properly understood by untrained people.

The Apollo Profile is a test that is used by many organisations, consultants and professional recruiters to help make the best decisions in hiring, selection and promotion situations.

And now a special version of the Apollo Profile has been written in plain English to give you the same kind of objective feedback that professional recruiters use. Additionally more career guidance advice is provided, plus formal training is recommended where appropriate. You can draw up your own career self-improvement plan from the guidance provided in the Apollo Profile.

You can produce reports for yourself that show you how prospective employers are likely to see you and judge you. The reports will comment on career-related strengths and weaknesses so that you can obtain skills you may need for certain roles, and learn to moderate some of your attitudes and behaviours to make you more attractive to the employer.

You can produce specialised Apollo Profile reports assessing your suitability for the roles of:-

  1. Executive – Appropriate for Executive Management / Small Business Principle / Executive Consultant
  2. Management – Appropriate for Middle Management / Frontline Supervisor /Senior Consultant / Academic / Professional
  3. Sales – Appropriate for Sales Professional / Customer Service / Call Centres-Sales
  4. General Workforce – Appropriate for Non-management Workforce / Support Staff / Entry Level / Customer Service/ Call Centres-Support

You can see how you are suited to all four generic roles if you wish at no extra cost. Feedback can be provided on thirty-six factors that have a bearing on your career success and work performance.

Because the Apollo Profile is very comprehensive and provides information across thirty-six specific factors, it is a great tool to use to obtain wider career advice on a very different basis than other popular four-factor personality instruments such as Myers- Briggs Type Indicator, DiSC, Team Management Index, etc.

The reports provide valuable career feedback and guidance appropriate to succeeding in modern government or private sector organisations. Trained career counsellors and advisers can usually provide further interpretations from your report, and would very likely be useful to help you put things in context, maximise the information provided, and help you devise a comprehensive career development program.


“The Apollo Profile report reflects a comparison of the candidate’s responses compared with those in the population used to validate the test. These results should be used only as a guideline for career assessment and development purposes. Further interpretation of the results may only be made by an accredited Interpreter in accordance with the Apollo Profile Interpretation Manual. Inaccuracies in the descriptions may unavoidably be present, so any results should be correlated with other available information. Users are responsible for their own compliance with relevant laws and regulations. The Apollonean Institute and Hr-Info makes no warranties, express or implied about the fitness of the Apollo Profile for any specific use. By using this product, user agrees to release the Apollonean Institute and Hr-Info, and its agents and assigns from any liability for direct, indirect, or consequential damages that result from using the Apollo Profile. “

” Dear Jim

Re: Apollo Select

At Elite Design it is critical that we employ staff that have a work ethic and get on with other employees and with customers. We can usually verify a person’s technical competencies, and find that the Apollo Profile can provide us with insights that give us confidence that we are making the right decision. We use the Apollo Profile for both management and non-management positions. The Apollo Profile is a great recruitment aid, and we would not appoint a key person without using it. ”


Paul Hill
Managing Director
Elite Design Interiors