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Jon Citizen
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This report is designed to help you see how you compare against others across a number of factors that have a bearing on career success. To be most objective and useful for your career, many of the comments provided have been written as other people are likely to see your characteristics. You may find it useful to ask someone else about the accuracy of some comments if you have any doubts about their truth or relevance.

Where you think there is value in improving yourself, self-discipline and working out effective behaviours to replace behaviours that may not be serving you well is a first step to improving job performance and career prospects.

Arrangements have been made with The CyberInstitute, (a subsidiary of the Australian Institute of Management) to provide direct links to appropriate short course e-learning programs where training is recommended.

Links to short Handbooks that could help you develop your skills at a very low cost are also provided. These Handbooks are downloadable and contain many basics and secrets of success for specific skills areas that you may find useful. At the end of your report is a list of links to other resources and links that you may find useful for furthering your career.