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“The Apollo Profile report reflects a comparison of the candidate’s responses compared with those in the population used to validate the test. These results should be used only as a guideline for career assessment and development purposes. Further interpretation of the results may only be made by an accredited Interpreter in accordance with the Apollo Profile Interpretation Manual. Inaccuracies in the descriptions may unavoidably be present, so any results should be correlated with other available information. Users are responsible for their own compliance with relevant laws and regulations. The Apollonean Institute and Hr-Info makes no warranties, express or implied about the fitness of the Apollo Profile for any specific use. By using this product, user agrees to release the Apollonean Institute and Hr-Info, and its agents and assigns from any liability for direct, indirect, or consequential damages that result from using the Apollo Profile. “

” Dear John

Thank you for running the ‘Leading People’ professional development with our leadership group at Kolbe. Investing in this group of people is an essential aspect of running the college to meet our objective to become a ‘high achieving’ school for all. Finishing with the Apollo Profile was the icing on the cake – challenging for many individuals, who also felt affirmed. It was amazing that a group of multi-choice questions could actually identify fairly accurate leadership characteristics and areas for further development.”

Caroline Payne (Principal – Kolbe Catholic College Rockingham – WA)