The Apollo Staff Development Report is designed to help employers to identify staff development needs, and then immediately able to click through to download training e-books and e-training courses to develop their staff.

The Apollo Staff Development Report is a properly validated psychometric test which evaluates vital personality factors such as level of ambition and responsibility etc needed for satisfactory job performance and individual career success.

34 factors for job performance are reported on, broken into 8 groups of associated factors.

Four generic norm sets are provided to assess candidates against. They are: Executive -Management -Sales -General Workforce
The Apollo Profile Job Suitability report is generated after a candidate completes the 250 item Apollo questionnaire – takes around 25 minutes.

If any likely development needs are identified, useful objective developmental advice is provided right there on the report to the employee.

Innovatively, there are links to over twenty downloadable e-handbooks if more information is thought useful. Topics are authored by subject matter experts, and are a convenient way to learn – on – the-job quickly for a minimum cost. These handbooks only cost AUD$20, a very low investment to further develop employees.

Additionally, arrangements have been made with the CyberInstitute, (a subsidiary of the Australian Institute of Management) to provide 36 downloadable e-training programs. These professionally designed short downloadable training courses allow employees to obtain deeper learning on the job or at home, without the inconvenience of leaving the office and associated travel costs and workplace disruption. Many of these recommended e-training courses only cost a low AUD$99, a very economical way for an employer to show staff they care about them and are willing to invest in them.

” Dear Jim

Re: Apollo Select

At Elite Design it is critical that we employ staff that have a work ethic and get on with other employees and with customers. We can usually verify a person’s technical competencies, and find that the Apollo Profile can provide us with insights that give us confidence that we are making the right decision. We use the Apollo Profile for both management and non-management positions. The Apollo Profile is a great recruitment aid, and we would not appoint a key person without using it. ”


Paul Hill
Managing Director
Elite Design Interiors