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The Apollo Profiler system draws on a database of over 7000 respondents that calculates norms, standard deviations, and percentile table against which to compare candidates.

Low cost from only $95 AUD for a single report, down to only $60 AUD per report for contracts of 50 or more and further discounts for larger purchases. For larger purchase contact us to discuss your specific needs.

  1. Use of appropriate personality tests such as the Apollo Profile has been shown to improve the quality of appointments in recruitment and selection.
  2. The Apollo Profile has been properly designed and tested, and provides objective data to make better human resources decisions.
  3. Minimise the risks of costs and difficulties associated with a bad appointment.
  4. Low cost means online testing can be done for all applicants before interviewing.
  5. The test only takes about twenty minutes to complete.
  6. Results of tests are available immediately.
  7. Speed and convenience of online reporting reduces recruitment cycle time.
  8. Match critical personal selection criteria against candidate attributes.
  9. Design in advance the personal factors required by the “ideal” candidate.
  10. Because scores on a comprehensive range of job related success factors are reported, more accurate job matches can be made.
  11. Reports can be produced for candidates at each or all of the specialised levels of Executives, Sales, Management / Frontline Supervisors, or General Workforce/Customer Service / Support Staff, or Call Centre – Sales, or Call Centre – Service and Support.
  12. Avoid discrimination by using the same objective process and assessment by the Apollo Profile for all candidates.
  13. Develop your own profiles to suit the tasks and culture appropriate to your own organisation.
  14. All staff should have their Apollo Profiles done as part of a low cost investment in employee development- they do appreciate it!
  15. The Apollo Profile aids in team development, understanding, and personal growth.
  16. Use the Apollo Profile report as a diagnostic and objective platform for performance management and improvement.
  17. The Apollo Profile provides constructive advice on moderating behavior to improve work performance and relationships.
  18. The Apollo Profile diagnoses training and development needs, and can be used as an involving and interactive component of training programs. The Apollo Profile reports cover influencing skills, leadership styles, people orientation, problem solving, coping, conflict resolution, time management work style, work values, strategic orientation, and career drives.
  19. Organisations and consultants can develop their own database to establish which characteristics are associated with success.
  20. The Apollo Profile can help create a more stable and higher performing organization!


The Apollo Job Suitability Reports are available matching candidates against norms for the following groups:-

  1. Executive
  2. Management / Front Line Supervisors
  3. Sales
  4. General Workforce
  5. Call Centres – Call centres are a specialised Industry with some specific “personality and attitude” requirements for personnel to do well. Further research has been conducted into these characteristics, and short reports are available for:-
  1. Call Centre – Service and Support (Inbound) with primarily information and customer service functions and ;
  2. Call Centre – Sales (Outbound) with principally sales responsibilities.

Narrative Reports, Log Reports and Exception Reports are available for each and any of the levels mentioned above. These reports are generally intended to be read and interpreted by human resources professionals, organisation psychologists, and people accredited in the interpretation of the Apollo Profile.

Candidate Reports are special versions for providing the candidate with career information feedback. These reports provide guidance for career development as well as providing feedback comparing their scores to group norms.

Colours are used in the professional reports as guidelines for quick interpretation, and indicate as follows:-

  1. GREEN Score is in the range normally associated with performance at this level.
  2. AMBER Score is outside the range normally associated with performance at this level, and should be thoughtfully considered for appropriateness.
  3. RED Score is significantly outside those normally associated with performance at this level, and should be verified and examined carefully.

The amber and red coding indicates that a person could have difficulties, compared with others at that level, in effectively handling all elements of the factors mentioned, or that special attention may need to be given to that area.

There are many circumstances when it may be preferable to have scores outside the guidelines given, and intelligent judgments regarding applicability are sometimes necessary.

Alternatively, the job-based Apollo Profiler system helps filter job applications, and match candidates against criteria you have selected, in addition to the criteria in the Apollo Profile.

Candidates are then rated and ranked against the chosen criteria. This is a fast and fair way to deal with large numbers of job applicants, such as graduate recruitment programs and is extremely cost effective.

The Apollo Competencies Indicator Report provides users with a management level competencies framework consisting of fourteen competencies.

The Competencies Indicator report provides a tool that can assist in identifying likely competencies for the development and assessment of people in management and white-collar roles, including recruitment and selection.

The Apollo Profiler is a recruitment and selection system that enables recruiters to determine and record the selection criteria for a particular job, and match candidates against the selection criteria for that job. The Apollo Profiler system is particularly appropriate where there are a large number of applicants, (such as graduate recruitment), and it is necessary to identify those that meet selection criteria, and filter out those that do not.

” I have used My Career Development Profile on three different occasions to help me keep on track of my career. It is very accurate and insightful, and has been vital in providing objective feedback, and in identifying my areas for improvement. It is also good to have my strengths recognised too, and has helped me get jobs, and perform better in both the managerial and sales roles I have held.” – Scott Cleary, State Manager – Valet Vacuum and Security Systems ”

Scott Cleary, State Manager
Valet Vacuum and Security Systems