The Apollo Job Profiler System is an easy way for recruiters to have all Apollo tested candidates rated and ranked together on the one report.

The recruiter simply sets up the basic job parameters on the template provided, then chooses which candidates are to be reported upon.

The Job Profiler displays all those candidate with their Overall Job Suitability rating, and ratings for each of the 8 groups of factors. Recruiters can click thru from this report to see full candidate detail if they wish.

The Apollo Profiler is a selection tool that enables recruiters to compare a number of applicants against the personality requirements for a job or role.

The Apollo Profiler will match every candidate against the job personality fit requirements, and rate and rank candidates in an easy to read summary. Recruiters can click through to more detailed reports for those candidates that they are most interested in.

Recruiters can choose from six levels of reporting, so candidates are compared against appropriate and meaningful norms for that job or role.

The Apollo Profiler is particularly appropriate where there are a large number of applicants, (such as graduate recruitment), and it is necessary to identify candidates with the personality attributes required, and to provide pointers to filter out those do not have the qualities sought. This provides a fair and objective assessment system where all candidates are compared against the same requirements.

The Apollo Profiler draws on a database of over 7000 respondents that calculates norms, standard deviations, and percentile tables against which to compare candidates. Six separate reporting levels allow the client to match candidates against the most appropriate norms as follows:-


Executives/Senior Management,

Middle management/Supervisors

Sales Personnel

General Workforce

Call Center – Sales

Call Center – Support

Features and Benefits

  1. Immediate results – Online Internet system can save weeks of mundane work through powerful and sophisticated computerised assessment
  2. Fair process, all candidates are evaluated by the same criteria, eliminates recruiter subjectivity.
  3. Automatic assessment is made in the difficult area of personality and emotional intelligences required to satisfactorily perform a job or role.
  4. Job-specific Norms. The recruiter selects the norm level against which to compare candidates that is most appropriate for that job or role.
  5. Reduces work by a) filtering out those that do not meet personality requirements; and b) by rating and ranking those that do
  6. The Apollo Profiler provides impartial data, but the decisions are still in the hands of the recruiter.
  7. The recruiter can “click through” to standard Apollo Profile reports for more detail on those candidates of interest.
  8. The recruiter does not need to expend time dealing with unsuited candidates.

The Process

a) Recruiter

The recruiter simply creates the job, and decides the appropriate norm level against which to compare applicants. This generates a JOB TEMPLATE (see Example 1), against which applicants for a position can be assessed.

The Apollo Profiler system will weight, rate and rank each applicant at the level chosen by the recruiter.

b) The Candidate

The candidate merely has to complete the normal Apollo Profile questionnaire, taking approximately 20 – 30 minutes. The candidate may complete the Apollo questionnaire through a computer, or by completing a hard-copy.


The Apollo Profiler system provides access to a range of reports that assess candidates on up to 34 factors for career success.

The Profiler Group Report (attached in pdf) provides a report on every candidate summarised by eight group headings to make quick comparisons.

For each group heading, a percentage score is displayed along with the colour of Green, Amber or Red.

Green shows that for that group of factors, their score is in the top 50% of candidates.

Amber means that their score is within the range of one standard deviation below the mean.

Red indicates that the candidate is more than one standard deviation below the mean for that level.

The Total Weighted Score is the aggregate of all factors, and is normed against all others at the level chosen. This figure is used for ranking candidates.

Recruiters can “click” on the candidate name on the Group Profiler report, and the Individual Profiler report will be displayed. The Individual Profiler report shows the score colour for all factors, not just group summaries. (See attached pdf example).

The normal range of Apollo Profile reports is available for all candidates as follows:-

  • Narrative Report for Professionals (Short or long versions).
  • Exception Report
  • Log Report
  • Candidate Career Development Report
  • Benchmark Statistical Report
  • Competencies Indicator

” Dear Jim

Re: Apollo Select

At Elite Design it is critical that we employ staff that have a work ethic and get on with other employees and with customers. We can usually verify a person’s technical competencies, and find that the Apollo Profile can provide us with insights that give us confidence that we are making the right decision. We use the Apollo Profile for both management and non-management positions. The Apollo Profile is a great recruitment aid, and we would not appoint a key person without using it. ”


Paul Hill
Managing Director
Elite Design Interiors