The Apollonean Institute Pty. Ltd. is an ethical organization, and wants to reassure candidates of the privacy of their information.

What information is collected, and why

The Apollonean Institute requests only a minimum of name information in order to allocate a unique identifier to that candidate. The candidate may use pseudonyms if he or she desires. Gender and salutation are requested as the Apollo Profile personalized reports use personal pronouns such as him/her, she/he. Organization Name/Department are optional fields that may be used when part of an organization survey. Candidate age, address or email information is not requested. However if purchasing an Apollo Profile report online, the National Bank Secure Payments System will ask for email information to verify the payment transaction.

We will only record your email address if you send us a message. It will only be used for the purpose you have provided it, and it will not be added to a mailing list.

A series of statistically validated work-related questions are asked in order to compare candidate responses against others of the same level.

The Apollonean Institute does not request any “sensitive” personal information as defined in Section 6 of the Privacy Act 1988.

Purpose of collection of information

a) The purpose of collecting candidate information is to provide candidates with comparative data across thirty-four factors effecting career success, so that they receive objective feedback and comments helpful to their career development.

b) Organizations and professionals that are users of the Apollo profile system may request candidates/employees to complete the Apollo Profile questionnaire for various career assessment purposes, including training and development, selection/recruitment, or organization development.

How is information used?

The candidate responses are compiled into a comparative assessment report across thirty-four factors that can be used for a number of career related applications, including career development and job suitability.

The Apollonean Institute may use the raw candidate data for further product research and development. Individuals are not identified for this research and development. Candidate data in not provided to any third parties.


a) Candidate reports are only available to the candidate, who may only access their report by using the Password they chose, and the unique Candidate Number generated and advised to the candidate by the Apollo Profile system.

b) Or where a candidate is a client of a user of the Apollo Profile system, that user will have access to candidate report information, but not to how individual items were answered. Statistical comparative reports may also be produced for professional use. The Apollonean Institute encourages user organizations to provide candidates with their Apollo Profile report and appropriate feedback.


The candidate data is stored in locked premises on secure/fire walled servers, and access is limited to authorized personnel.

” Dear John

Thank you for running the ‘Leading People’ professional development with our leadership group at Kolbe. Investing in this group of people is an essential aspect of running the college to meet our objective to become a ‘high achieving’ school for all. Finishing with the Apollo Profile was the icing on the cake – challenging for many individuals, who also felt affirmed. It was amazing that a group of multi-choice questions could actually identify fairly accurate leadership characteristics and areas for further development.”

Caroline Payne (Principal – Kolbe Catholic College Rockingham – WA)