Following years of research and experience into the special characteristics of high performers, the Apollo Benchmarking tool can assist organisations diagnose corporate strengths, weakness and culture, and develop maximum performance to expand and obtain strategic competitive advantage.

Every organisation has its own unique culture. By surveying employees using the Apollo Profile questionnaire, it can be ascertained specifically what are the special factors that discriminate high performers from the others. The organisation then has a model for success, and existing and future staff can be measured against this model.

The Apollo Benchmark analytics can be set up by any demographic classifications you wish, such as Role, Location, Gender, Age, High Performers, Key Personnel, etc. You can obtain discrete data on any combination of demographics you choose. You can also access individual data as required for developmental or selection purposes.

Organisations seeking expansion can recruit and train people highly likely to succeed in that specific environment. The likelihood of expensive business failure and wasted time and financial investment in the wrong people is minimised.

Planning for the future starts with knowing how you look right now, then putting in place strategies to achieve goals.

Apollo benchmarks your employees against appropriate International models of excellence. A gap analysis is conducted, and easy to read Benchmark Reports are made on a macro level for organisation/divisional/ sectional effectiveness, right down to individual profile reports for all respondents.

This is an extremely powerful exercise, and has multiple uses, some examples follow:-

* Creation of high performance and teamwork models for driving growth
* Establishing critical success factors, especially in Sales/Customer contact roles
* Maximising organisation performance through the workforce
* Identifying potential
* Training Needs Analysis
* Retention Management
* Diagnosing trouble spots
* Dealing with multiple cultures – differentiation
* Key-person talent management
* Analysing organisation/regional/division/sectional performance
* Recruitment process review and strategies
* Acquisitions and mergers
* Modelling for organisation development
* Succession Planning
* Creation of high performing teams

Following the Benchmarking exercise, there is a wide range of interventions for an organisation go forward, including customising a profile to reflect specific requirements.

Likely Outcomes and Benefits

• Identification of critical Key Performance Issues
• Knowledge and tools to shape future organisation culture
• Better job fit for future recruitment
• Retention of personnel, especially key employees
• Identification of high potential employees
• Elimination of high risk recruitments
• Increased effectiveness and efficiencies contributing to profitability
• Increased productivity
• Increased morale, job satisfaction and motivation
• Identification of development and training needs, especially in soft skills areas such as sales suitability, leadership, teamwork, communications, interpersonal relationships, customer service, conflict resolution, negotiation, time management, stress management, collaboration, trust and loyalty.
• Major component for strategic organisation development
• Performance management feedback
• Proactive intervention avoids leakage/remedial action.
• Benchmarks individuals against appropriate norms
• May identify inappropriate group profiles “blocking” organisation progress
• Participants can be provided with career development feed back.

Clients that have benefited from Apollo Benchmarking include Chanel, Tower Insurance, Philips Electronics, Sony, Commonwealth Bank, Tyco China, KPMG, DBS Bank Singapore, Ford Australia, St. George Bank, Australia Post, The Reject Shop, New Zealand Air, Orica/Dulux, The Integrated Group, News Limited.

” Dear John

Thank you for running the ‘Leading People’ professional development with our leadership group at Kolbe. Investing in this group of people is an essential aspect of running the college to meet our objective to become a ‘high achieving’ school for all. Finishing with the Apollo Profile was the icing on the cake – challenging for many individuals, who also felt affirmed. It was amazing that a group of multi-choice questions could actually identify fairly accurate leadership characteristics and areas for further development.”

Caroline Payne (Principal – Kolbe Catholic College Rockingham – WA)