Advantages of the Apollo Profile

Essentially the Apollo Profile provides a number of Internet systems and reports that can give individuals, consultants, career advisors and organisations insight into thirty-four personality factors that are commonly seen as contributing to career success. Reports are available online through the Internet immediately the questionnaire is completed.

The Apollo Profile has been designed by Dr. Richard Hicks and Mr. James Bowden. The instrument has undergone numerous validation and reliability studies since 1995, and provides data that enhances ability to provide career guidance and development and make recruitment and selection decisions.

Models “excellence”, not just “average” The Apollonean Institute has studied successful candidates, as well as all candidates, and matches candidates against models of excellence to ensure on the job performance
Apollo is legal to use in the USA under their Equal Employment and Opportunity legislation Apollo complies with high standards required in the USA. Typically typology tests such as MBTI, DiSC, TMI and others are not legal because they “generalize” whereas Apollo specifically measures 34 factors that can be directly related to job performance
Criterion related validity Numerous studies identify Apollo’s significant correlations with high performance across management, sales, customer service and general populations
Construct validity 

Moderate to strong theoretical correlations with 16PF (0.3 to 0.5) and NEO (0.31 to 0.59) + with other tests

Validated by a number of professional psychometric methods, including coefficient comparisons with other high quality tests used throughout the world to ensure reports are as consistent as possible.
250 Questions/Items Ensures detailed data is gathered from the candidate so great confidence can be had in reports.
Item analysis done This ensures that all questions for each factor are statistically related within professionally accepted coefficients of reliability.
Internal consistency 

Median Alpha 0.71
0.59 – 0.83 Alphas across scale range

Generally meets or exceeds professional standards for consistency used in psychometric testing
Test re-test stability 

Average 3 week test-retest of 0.90

Repeated testing provides the same answers/score within acceptable parameters
Internet Online systems This means immediate reports once the candidate has completed the questionnaire – no emails
Accreditation not essential. Whilst we strongly recommend accreditation, occasional users can confidently rely on the reports at face value
Combination of Normative and Ipsative questions used. This makes the questionnaire hard to “fake good” and speeds up the time needed to complete the questionnaire – around 25 minutes.
Written in plain English Apollo can be understood by anyone with a Grade 10 education. No need to be a psychologist or human resources specialist for basic use
Colour coded reports – Green-Amber-Red Users see at a glance how a candidate scores across all factors
Numeric Percentile Suitability Score Provided Recruiters can see how a candidate matches overall – quick and easy decision making, ideal for processing large volumes of applicants
34 factors reported on Comprehensive, superior to typology tests such as MBTI, DiSC, TMI that report using generalised personality type characteristics.
Factor analysis conducted Each of the 34 Apollo factors have been validated through statistical factor analysis techniques to ensure no duplication, and that accurate reports are provided.
Associated Factors grouped together. Group headings include: 

  • Career Drives
  • Conflict management style
  • Coping
  • Leadership & Influence
  • People Orientation
  • Strategic Orientation
  • Values
  • Workplace Management
Easier to understand reporting. Users can quickly see candidate strengths and possible weaknesses under popularly used headings, as well as specific scores and interpretation for each factor in that Group
Many different reports Either summarised graphic data or expanded narratives at the click of a mouse: Specialised reports for Recruitment, Career Development, Staff Development, Organisation Benchmarking
Unique Staff Development Report Firstly diagnoses possible training needs, then first in the world provides click through to download on the job training e-handbooks, or e-training courses sourced from the Australian Institute of Management
Now in 4th Version Up to date and very relevant to today’s workplace
Over 100,000 candidates Proven in use, many satisfied customers
6 separate generic norm sets: 


*Senior/Middle/Frontline Managers


*General Workforce

*Call Centers – Sales/Outbound

*Call centers – Service/Incoming

Up to date high quality norms. Compare like with like – the quality of homogenised respondent sampling is more important than the number of respondents.
Questionnaire available in six languages English, Italian, Korean, Thai, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Impression management Unusual Scores Scale* – identifies responses
that are unusual or different to majority norms. Warns of possible risk for employment.
Systemised Benchmark surveys A fast and low cost way for organisations to benchmark their employees against solid norms and models for excellence. Numerous uses for diagnosing the state of health/ engagement of employees. A pre-cursor to customising.
Customised Apollo Profiles Nothing beats surveying your own people to ascertain their psychological health, then building the best Profile test that works best for you for recruiting and developing high performers.

“Grenda’s adopted the Apollonean profile system to enhance its Driver recruitment process in late 2006.The fact that it had a data base relating “Bus Drivers” was attractive and Grenda’s felt it would be a beneficial tool. Every applicant presents themself in the best light and minimises exposure of their possible shortcomings. From a potential employer’s perspective there is a real benefit in gaining an insight into the person behind the image that has been presented.

Grenda’s have found that the Apollonean profile supports findings from the conventional recruitment process. A further benefit is gained when the profile sheds light on areas that have not been so obvious during the standard process. Grenda’s is continuing to use the system for selection of its driving staff and have even trialled its use into Operational selection areas. Overall our Managers have seen it to be a positive tool.”

Human Relations Manager
Grenda Transit Management