The Apollo Profile scores each person, on 34 factors, compared to the ‘ideal’ person at the same job level. The ‘ideal’ person has been statistically derived from studies on almost 7,000 people, in various organisations worldwide.

Information derived from a less than 30 minute questionnaire, builds a profile of the candidates personality & characteristics. The profile is reported in six different report formats , which are available immediately on completion of the questionnaire.

The Apollo Profile is fast (online questionnaire), easy, reliable, cost effective, and provides rich information on each individual for a number of organisational uses .

Six Reports Available for every Apollo Profile

1. The Log Report is a graphic display showing where the candidate scored in comparison to the ‘ideal’ for each factor. Green indicates an appropriate score, while amber and red indicate areas for possible professional development.

2. The Narrative Report provides a description of the candidates results for each of the 34 factors. Factors are given a green, amber or red score and are divided into Primary and Secondary levels.

3. The Exception Report summarizes the candidates red and amber scores, indicating areas for possible development.

4. The Benchmark Report is a statistical report showing how the candidate scored compared to other norms (not the ‘ideal’ but the norm or average person), at the same level.

5. The Competencies Indicator Report is only produced for managers and provides likely candidate proficiency across 14 management competencies. This is useful for promotion to management positions,and assessing training and professional development needs for current managers.

6. The Long Candidate Career Development report is designed to provide each candidate with useful career development information.

7. The Candidate Report is a shorter version of the Long Candidate Development Report, and provides meanings of a candidates scores.

Background Information

The Apollo Profile is based on well-known concepts and practices aligned to the modern workplace. The Apollo Profile incorporates world wide research, and the instrument has undergone validation and reliability testing, demonstrating high levels of stability/reliability of dimension scores, and providing differential (validated) workplace profiles.

The construction of The Apollo Profile recognises that human beings are complex and unique. Different people are suited to different activities. Nobody is suited to, or interested in all activities. People have preferences, which influence what they want to do, and how they carry out those interests. These interests relate also to career choices and in turn to potential suitability for and success in different career paths.

The Apollo Profile is intended to be used as a guide for individuals to maximise their career potential. Thus human resources professionals and managers also have available a tool that can provide information to assist them in their people management and development tasks.

Just as human beings are different, so too are organisations. Organisation cultures are different. The Apollo Profile can help individuals confirm their fit to the organisation culture, and can also help provide section or department profiles which can be related to current productivity, teams, morale, and training needs, and can contribute to discussion of issues in strategic planning.

In particular, The Apollo Profile provides diagnostic and descriptive comments regarding possible training needs and ways to enhance career performance. Detailed advice can be obtained from accredited interpreters or career counsellors if desired.

“TMP Australasia launched its first on-line Career Management program in 1999 and included Apollo in its first offering. In that period Apollo has been used by over 2000 participants and is a very valuable part of the program. TMP launched it’s new generation product in November 2001 and we had no hesitation in continuing to include Apollo as a key component of the program’s self-assessment exercises.”
Phillip Healy, Australasian Product Head, Career Management and Assessment & Development, TMP eResourcing

” Dear John

Thank you for running the ‘Leading People’ professional development with our leadership group at Kolbe. Investing in this group of people is an essential aspect of running the college to meet our objective to become a ‘high achieving’ school for all. Finishing with the Apollo Profile was the icing on the cake – challenging for many individuals, who also felt affirmed. It was amazing that a group of multi-choice questions could actually identify fairly accurate leadership characteristics and areas for further development.”

Caroline Payne (Principal – Kolbe Catholic College Rockingham – WA)