The Apollo Profile Reports can be used and accepted at face value, subject to the limitations and disclaimers provided. However, individuals accredited for the Apollo Profile can interpret the results more extensively, and in particular relate the report to the specific situation and context of the candidate. Accreditation explains the background and various applications of the Apollo Profile, and trains users in a higher level of interpretation skills.

Accreditation can be accomplished easily by distance learning, as materials are provided through electron means. Accreditation is based upon demonstration of competency in interpretation and completion of examination for understanding of content.

People with a background in human resources, organisation psychology, or with experience in other instruments will quickly learn and apply the principles underlying the Apollo Profile. Upon successful completion a Certificate of Achievement will be awarded, and the name included on the world-wide list of Authorised Interpreters. Accreditation costs $825, and includes provision of all workshop materials and the Interpreter’s Manual.