The Apollo Profiler System is a powerful career assessment tool that aids in personal career planning and in recruitment and development of personnel. Significantly reduces the time & cost of recruitment, while increasing the chance of hiring the right first person for the job first time. Also used for professional development, performance management, performance appraisal, team building, culture change & organisational development, human resources benchmarking.

“TMP Australasia launched its first on-line Career Management program in 1999 and included Apollo in its first offering. In that period Apollo has been used by over 2000 participants and is a very valuable part of the program. TMP launched it’s new generation product in November 2001 and we had no hesitation in continuing to include Apollo as a key component of the program’s self-assessment exercises.”
Phillip Healy, Australasian Product Head, Career Management and Assessment & Development, TMP eResourcing