A powerful career assessment tool that aids in personal career planning and in recruitment and development of personnel. Significantly reduces the time & cost of recruitment, while increasing the chance of hiring the right first person for the job first time.

Also used for professional development, performance management, performance appraisal, team building, culture change & organisational development, human resources benchmarking.


It is vital to be able to put your best foot forward to get a job and to get ahead at work. Today’s workplace has high mobility, with most people having numerous employers and multiple job roles throughout their careers.

Entry into the workforce, and numerous career transitions means that we must be continually assessing ourselves and gaining the knowledge, skills, motivations and attitudes to get a job, retain the job, and then to progress if wished. Getting a job or promotion is competitive.



” Dear Jim

I just wanted to say how beneficial Apollo has been to our business. We have consistently used Apollo to test, as far as I know, every job candidate for many years. I believe the quality of our workforce is uniformly very high. From what I perceive at other workplaces I would say the Yarris workforce is quite superior. I believe Apollo has been a significant element in that success. ”

Kind regards,

Ian Goddard
Executive Chairman