Uploading Data is Easy

Upload Employee Data into the system with the Subscribe-HR data uploader. Map and transfer. Validate as you go to ensure the data is clean.

Track and Record CPD Hours

Assign the CPD hours required and let Subscribe-HR track the hours based on training completed.

Access Standard Job Descriptions and Interview Questions

Subscribe-HR provides you with a bank of Standard Job Descriptions and Interviews questions. No more scrambling.

Track Employee Hours and Legislation

Track Time and Manage Compliance using Individual Employee Calendars, Work Hours, Rosters and Timesheets. Used for standard and more dynamic Workforces. Real-time Workforce Costing.

Fair Work Statement Compliance

Record when an Employee receives the Fair Work Statement. Ensure they have access to a copy using Subscribe-HR Self-Service. Comply with all NES requirements.

Gather, Authorise and Pay Expenses

Allow Employees to claim expenses on-line. Send authorization for sign-off and reduce manual handling. Keep history for auditing and future reference. Add value to your payroll system.

Flexible Working Initiative

Attract talent using Flexible working initiatives. Record details as part of legislative requirements. Balance work and home life.