General Managers and CEO’s are responsible for ensuring that their Human Resource leaders have the best, most cost effective tools at their disposal. Without this, they cannot deliver tangible business benefits and add value. Employees are the businesses most valuable asset and it is critical, your people managers are able to service them effectively and professionally.

General Managers and CEO’s are now issuing mandates that the business utlise Solutions that enable cost rationalisation, increase core business focus and provide outsanding value for money.

Your IT Professionals can save time. No more purchasing and managing hardware and software that is costly, complex, and expensive to update.

At a HR Operational and Strategic Level, use the Subscribe-HR Dashboard to access critial Employee information. Manage Risk, Liability, and Increase Productivity.

Reward top performers. Motivate and Retain best staff. Let success be the talking point.


  • Specialist tools to support the business
  • Access critical Employee data
  • Value for Money
  • Core Business Focus
  • Dynamic and Agile Business Model
  • Manage risk efficiently and effectively
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Improving competitive advantage of the business
  • Dashboard Reporting Overview for access to key HR information

Modules for General Manager and CEO

  • Self-Service (Operational and Strategic)
  • Core Human Resource (Strategic)
  • Recruitment (Strategic)
  • On-Line Recruitment Portal (Strategic)
  • Survey (Strategic)
  • Developer and Integration (Strategic)