Control your spend. Demand more Value for Money. Rationalise Departmental Expenditure and become more agile. Subscribe-HR allows you to pay only for what you use, at all times.

There are no Hard Costs involved with Subscribe-HR. No Capital Expenditure, No Hardware, No Maintenance.

The Subscribe-HR platform allows end-users to configure up to 60% of the system, meaning that there are huge savings on implementation, the future extention and on-going the management of your system (Reduce Project Costs by 60%).

Your Human Resource Team can focus their budget and more of their time on strategy and adding the the business’ bottom-line. Your IT department can focus on Core Business projects. Finance can also use Subscribe-HR on an Operational basis to extract business critical information and conduct expenditure and liability Analysis.


  • Integration to Payroll and Finance Software with no disruption or impact
  • No Software and Licensing Costs
  • Predictable on-going service charges
  • No Hardware Costs
  • No Maintenance Costs
  • No Capex
  • Value for Money
  • Less Resource required for management of Solution
  • No additional infrastructure cost
  • Workforce/Liability cost management reporting
  • Compliance Management Reporting

Modules for Finance

  • Self-Service (Operational and Strategic)
  • Human Resource (Strategic)
  • Recruitment (Strategic)
  • On-Line Recruitment Portal (Strategic)
  • Survey (Strategic)
  • Developer and Integration (Strategic)