Employees and Managers can have access to their own personal details as well as managers having access to required team member data. This allows both Employees and Managers to take ownership of tasks and reduce the amount of time Human Resources have to spend on administration.

Managers can interact with their team by allowing them to have access to certain details of their team members. Employee satisfaction at work is critical to the overall success of your business.

Subscribe-HR allows for Data Privacy Legislation to be adhered to as the Self-Service module restricts access to information at the field level.

Subscribe-HR also allows for the masking of sensitive information like Tax File Numbers. Access to all Subscribe-HR functionality can be devolved organisation wide depending on your requirements.

Below are some exaples of features you may be interested in devolving.

Use Subscribe-HR’s Employee HR Self-Service for access to the following:



  • Personal Information
  • Address
  • Performance
  • Training Records and Requests
  • Absence Request
  • Internal Job Application
  • Timesheet Submission
  • Absence Calendar
  • Performance Reviews
  • Payslip Access


  • All employee self-service functionality
  • Absence and Timesheet Authorisation
  • Team Details Access
  • Departmental Reports
  • Departmental Absence Planner
  • Requisitions (Combined HR and Recruitment)
  • Manager Dashboards
  • Workflow Inbox

Modules For Employees and Managers Core

  • Self-Service
  • Survey (Employee Satisfaction)