Designed to provide People Managers with more time to do the things you enjoy. Subscribe-HR enables businesses to focus on Strategy. In order to become more Competitive, Visionary Business leaders need to focus upon and leverage their Workforces. We allow our Customers to leverage the internet to increase productivity and competitive advantage. We deliver Social Media Integration with Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. Job Board Integration with Seek, MyCareer, CareerOne and Six Figures.

No longer should you be burdened with sorting through spreadsheets, or spending hours on reporting or relying on your Payroll system to make sense of non Payroll information. You need access to the right information, now, to be able to communicate meaningfully with your CEO or MD. Then you can provide tangible, factual input into the direction of your business. Now, it’s all at your finger tips.

You need the right tools to do your Job and Perform at the highest level.

Subscribe-HR supports businesses with user requirements of between 1 – 50,000 users. We deliver On-Demand, Next Gen e-Recruitment and e-HR Software-as-a-Service solutions. Solutions that have been designed specifically, to deliver unbeatable Features, Flexibility, Business Benefits and Freedom. No Complexity or Hard Costs. Choose the modules you require and Pay by the month based on the size of your business. All delivered instantly over the internet. Click below to learn more.

Create your Quick and Efficient Recruitment Process

Get the best Candidates Quickly and Increase your Competitive Advantage. Now you’re 3 Steps ahead.
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Knowledge at Your Finger Tips

Now, make sense of Workforce Information. Harness its power and turn information into Success.
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Enjoyable, Fast access to your employees

Let us help. Your Employee Information can be time consuming and challenging to manage. It goes beyond paying people. More time to do the things you enjoy.
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Seamless Information Delivery and Notification

Automate 100’s of tasks at a time. Let Subscribe-HR process, deliver and notify. You can Focus on Strategy. Be Pro-Active not Re-Active.
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Rapid, Easy launch. Devolve Responsibility, Share Knowledge

Engage your People and allow them to self serve. You choose what they can see and do. Collect and Share Information and Knowledge. Increase Customer Service to your people. It’s Simple.
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Integration with Confidence and peace of Mind, made Easy

Gain independence and access the tools you need to perform at the highest level. Dove tail Subscribe-HR into your existing Systems. Bi direction feeds to all systems. All done by us. Technology has evolved.
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