Empowering Employees and Managers is a key factor in creating a more Productive, Competitive and Positive work environment. If done properly, if supported by other appropriate, strategic HR initiatives, empowerment will lead to an increase is the retention of your best people. Devolved responsibility and access will improve Human Resources efficency and also increase the breadth of information that can be analysed.

Data –> Analysis –> Knowledge –> Power

Using Subscribe-HR’s Employee and Manager Self- Service Module, relevant HR processes and Knowledge can be devolved organisation wide.

Some of the functions that are available to you if you subscribe to the Employee and Manager Self-Service Module are:

  • Absence Requesting and Authorisation
  • Update of specified information
  • Intuitive User Access Configuration
  • Dashboard Views
  • Submission and Authorisation of Timesheets
  • Manager Reporting
  • Performance Management Automation
  • Application of internal Vacancies
  • View of Team Members
  • Standard and Configurable Workflow Schedules and Automation
  • Granular Security to Field Level. Data Privacy.
  • Location / Top Down Manager Access. Subordinate
  • Departmental Manager Access (Data Privacy
  • Manager Reporting
  • Payslip Viewing
  • Data Encryption
  • User Password Management
  • Confirgurable End-User Navigation